TDRA 5G Portal


GITEX, Dubai




Concept, Design, Live operation

Project description

At the core of this attraction was a digital caricature artist, who was virtually present from a studio in Hungary. Despite the distance, the artist was brought to life in real-time, appearing on a life-sized LED screen that served as a "portal" between the event space and the studio. This immersive setup allowed the artist to engage with the audience as if they were in the same room, offering a seamless interactive experience.

Our solution

Visitors were invited to pause in front of the portal, where the artist was on standby, ready to capture their likenesses. With swift and skillful strokes, the caricatures were drawn live and displayed instantly, showcasing the low-latency capabilities of 5G technology. Each caricature not only provided a unique memento for the attendees but also served as a testament to the high-speed and real-time communication enabled by 5G.