Mubadala Tennis Championship


Mubadala, Projex
Abu Dhabi




Developing and integrating interactive sport activations, ticketing and prize system development and operation.

Project description

Our team was given the exciting task of creating and managing an interactive zone for two high-profile events: the Tennis World Championship 2022 and the Mubadala Tennis Open 2022. Collaborating closely with Projex event services, we seamlessly integrated our activations into their designs and executed them together. Our hard work paid off, as the end result was truly impressive. The interactive zone was a huge success, attracting a large number of visitors and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Our solution

Registration system and ticketing Our team designed and implemented a sophisticated backend system that allowed visitors to register for the interactive zone both on and off site through a dedicated webpage. Once registered, the system tracked and monitored their participation in each activation and generated individual scores that were displayed on a large LED screen. Visitors who scored enough points were eligible for prizes, which were distributed by the organizers. Our main goal was to develop a user-friendly system that streamlined the awarding process and provided the hosts with a comprehensive overview of the scores. To achieve this, we created custom UI designs, engaging animations, and a touch-screen application that ensured a seamless and enjoyable experience for all visitors.
Football (Soccer) We installed and integrated an analog penalty shootout game that recreates the excitement of a football penalty shootout in a fun and engaging way. In this game, the player uses a physical football to shoot at a physical goal while an electric motor controls the goalkeeper. The real-time image processing software calculates the incoming images to predict where the ball is likely to hit the goal, and instantly transmits this information to the motor controller, which is responsible for the goalkeeper's movements. The entire process takes place in just a fraction of a second, as the ball can travel at speeds of well over 100 km/h with a well-aimed shot. The goalkeeper, who starts from a distance of 7-8 metres, has only 0.3 seconds to reach the ball, which is attached to a high-performance gearbox. Incredibly, the goalkeeper can accelerate 20 times faster than a Formula 1 car to make the save, making this game a thrilling experience for players and spectators alike.
Golf Our team successfully installed and integrated an advanced golf simulator system that allowed users to experience the thrill of playing golf. The system utilized state-of-the-art technology to precisely track and monitor the direction and speed of the balls, and generate scores based on the distance from the hole. These scores were then seamlessly integrated into the main system, allowing users to see where they stood in real-time. With its sophisticated tracking capabilities and immersive gameplay, our golf simulator system provided users with a fun and engaging experience that was sure to leave a lasting impression. Running Our main goal for this game was to create an exciting experience for visitors, where they could compete against both each other and an Olympic runner. To achieve this, we designed a specially shortened track and installed digital sensors that accurately measured the individual times of each participant. Additionally, we set up a camera system to capture memorable moments of participants crossing the finish line, resulting in some hilarious photos. Our innovative approach to this game made it a highlight of the event, providing visitors with an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. Biking Our team utilized two Paralympic cycles to create a unique and engaging biking simulator that aimed to educate visitors about people of determination in sports. To participate, visitors had to pedal with their hands and compete against an Olympic cyclist, providing an opportunity to experience the challenges faced by people of determination in sports. We developed a standalone game for this activity and equipped the bicycles with speed sensors that accurately controlled the application, providing visitors with a realistic and immersive experience. Our biking simulator was a hit among visitors, delivering a fun and interactive way to learn more about the inspiring athletes of the Paralympic games.