EWEC, Projex
Abu Dhabi




Anamorphic 3D billboard animation, 2D infographic animation/data visualisation

Project description

For the Energy & Water Efficiency Company (EWEC), a mesmerizing anamorphic animation was conceptualized and executed to showcase their commitment to innovation in energy efficiency. The project featured a dynamic forced perspective animation, tailored specifically for full LED content display, to create an illusion of depth and three-dimensionality on a flat surface.

Our solution

The animation journey began with a comprehensive design phase where our creative team crafted a series of striking visuals and animations that leveraged the anamorphic effect. This effect manipulates the viewer’s perspective, creating an optical illusion that makes the two-dimensional LED screen appear as a three-dimensional space. The content was meticulously tailored to align with the precise viewing angle and distance, ensuring the illusion was experienced optimally by the audience.