Dubai Municipality at GITEX 2022


Dubai Municipality, Projex




Conceptualization, Interactive design, Audio-Visual Integration, Content development.

Project description

We had the opportunity to conceptualize and digitally design a stand together with Projex for the Dubai Municipality at 2022 GITEX. The main theme for the year was “Metaverse”. We came up with a concept of having a digitally connected immersive world and let people connect this world through “balconies”. These balconies were high pixel pitch LED screens that were curved in 270 degrees. With the help of these screens the users could really immerse themselves into the ultra-realistic real time 3D animated scenes.

Our solution

We used unreal engine as a starting point and we modeled a whole city in the 3D environment. This environment served as POIs for the 5 activation that took place at the stand. Each corner focused on a different topic, where we had interactive experiences for the visitors. These were educational as well as entertaining serving as a dual purpose tool for Dubai Municipality. Overall it was a great success, many people explored and enjoyed it over the period of GITEX.