Dubai Municipality at GITEX 2023


Dubai Municipality, Projex




Interactive activations, System integration, Content

Project description

For GITEX 2023, our team had the exciting opportunity to design an interactive stand for Dubai Municipality, showcasing the innovations and future plans of nine different departments. This project was a blend of creativity and technology, aimed at providing an immersive experience to the visitors.

Our solution

At GITEX 2023, our team unveiled a pioneering solution for the Dubai Municipality stand, featuring large-scale generative animations driven by real-time visitor data. This innovative approach, powered by a custom AI model, dynamically altered the mood and color patterns of the stand, reflecting visitor engagement in an ever-evolving visual display. We also developed interactive, real-time high-definition 3D animations using a cutting-edge video game engine, offering an immersive experience to the audience. The integration of diverse sensor technologies, including hand gesture recognition, proximity sensors, air touch, and object tracking, further enhanced the interactivity of the stand. This combination of AI-driven analytics, high-quality 3D visuals, and responsive sensor technology created a unique, engaging, and futuristic experience for visitors, showcasing Dubai Municipality's commitment to innovation and advanced city management.