Sheikh Zayed’s Charitable Work


kanvas, Dubai




Development of the backend system for the immersive experience. Technical execution.

Project description

Our second collaboration with kanvas was a new challenge. This time we worked with Maisoon Al Saleh, a local painter and visual artist. We wanted to realise her art and painting series titled Sheikh Zayed's Charitable Work.

Our solution

To depict this contemporary yet historical theme, we decided to create a virtual environment in which we could implement the paintings in a digital format. We used the Unreal Engine to create the virtual space where we placed monoliths with mirrored surfaces. In the centre of the room we placed a water feature which, in combination with the desert theme, creates an oasis-like atmosphere. Our software was developed in such a way that all paintings are displayed in a looping animation by panning the camera. We managed to optimize the software to run at 10700 x 1200 resolution in real time at over 30 frames per second.