Fragment by Sami Sasso


kanvas, Dubai




Development of the backend system for the exhibition. Technical execution.

Project description

In collaboration with kanvas, we came up with a cool experience that could be artistic and interactive at the same time. We wanted to create an atmosphere where technology isn't the focus, but a tool to present art in a new, different way. This is how Fragment was created in collaboration with Sami Sasso. Sami is a passionate car photographer and has started a series where he captures the small details of interesting cars and creates a colour palette from all the little differences in colour.

Our solution

Given Kanvas' technological background, we designed a reactive photo wall with 6 projectors covering the wall space of the showroom. We used cameras and OpenCV technology to track visitors and activate the photos as soon as they're triggered. When the photos are activated, they open up on a larger scale and are displayed in an unconventional way. The event was very successful in the car scene and Kanvas welcomed many visitors during the run.