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Dubai Municipality, Projex




Interactive Visitor Center

Project description

At the Dubai Municipality Headquarters in Deira, we were privileged to develop interactive activations across four distinct zones: Sustainable, Pioneering, Liveable, and Beautiful. Each zone was dedicated to showcasing the municipality's future plans through immersive and innovative activations.

Our solution

To provide visitors with a captivating and easily understandable experience, we designed innovative activations using RFID technology and transparent OLED screens. For the sustainable theme, activating content on the screen is as simple as placing one of three cubes on its corresponding holder. Similarly, for the pioneering theme, visitors can interact with LED screens by rotating a wheel and pressing a button to select desired content. Additionally, we utilized VR technology to offer immersive tours of Dubai Municipality's projects like the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, enabling users to explore various perspectives and switch between projects and languages effortlessly. Moreover, for the liveable theme, an integrated iPad-LED Screen system allows for seamless navigation of video content, enhancing viewer engagement with captivating 2D animations. Overall, these tailored experiences delivered an exceptional journey for both the client and their visitors.