Karolina’s Universe


kanvas, Dubai




Content development for an immersive show, based on Karolina Savolt’s paintings. Animation, sound design and projection mapping.

Project description

Karolina is not only one of the youngest painters of our time, but her signature style is hard to miss: her authentic female figures, fairy-tale-like animals, vivid colors and bright golds melt into a captivating magical realism which draws attention to the beauty and energy surrounding our world. We took inspiration from her painting and created stories about her magical world.

Our solution

We created a living room style setup, where her paintings were originially born and projected over the objects. Over 20 minutes these stories come to life with the help of our projectors. In this program, Karolina introduces her artworks and styles via video inserts, lets you enter her new art studio and watch her at work. Karolina’s paintings will take visitors into a realm of fantasy.