Throw Wall Game

Introducing our brand new Throw Wall Game, an experience that combines the power of Unreal Engine with a high-end 100 Hz LiDAR system. This product delivers an unparalleled level of speed, accuracy, and immersion, allowing users to enjoy a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. 

At the core of our Throw Wall Game is the industrial-grade 100 Hz LiDAR system. This advanced technology enables rapid and precise tracking, providing an incredibly responsive and accurate user interaction. With its exceptional capability to recognize objects as small as 5 millimeters, the system ensures that every throw is detected, creating a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

To complement the powerful tracking system, we have integrated Unreal Engine, a state-of-the-art game development platform. Unreal Engine brings the game environment to life with smooth and detailed animations that enhance the overall visual experience.

The Throw Wall Game offers flexibility in display options, allowing for either picture projection or integration with an LED screen. This versatility enables customization to suit specific event themes or branding requirements. Whether it’s a football-themed game, a tennis match, or any other sport, the game environment can be modified and branded to align with the event’s objectives.