Transparent RFID Screen

At the heart of this activation is the transparent OLED screen, a display technology that allows for vivid and vibrant visuals while maintaining transparency. This transparent screen serves as a dynamic canvas, seamlessly blending with the surrounding environment and enabling event organizers to showcase compelling content in a visually striking manner.

Complementing the transparent OLED screen is an RFID object reader. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology enables the identification and tracking of objects equipped with RFID tags or labels. In the context of this interactive activation, attendees can engage with the experience by holding or placing RFID-tagged objects in close proximity to the reader.

As a participant interacts with the activation, the RFID object reader detects and captures information from the tagged objects. This interaction triggers a synchronized response on the transparent OLED screen, creating a captivating and personalized visual experience for the individual.